Danyon is the childhood friend of The Sun Vanished and a survivor of the apocalypse.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Danyon and The Sun Vanished grew up in the same street and eventually graduated high school together.

Eventually, either Danyon or TSV moved away from one another but stayed in contact via text messages.

The Apocalypse[edit | edit source]

May 3rd

When the sun first disappeared, Danyon lost power and was unable to charge his phone.

When he finally found a charging station he had looked in his phone log and saw many missed calls by TSV, so he texted him.


Danyon: Dude, please tell me you are still alive

TSV: Yes I'm alive. Where the hell have you been? Why did it take you this long to reach me after I called you like 40 times?

Danyon: I'm sorry but my phone was died and I was just now able to start charging it

Danyon: Ur still at ur house right

TSV: Yes.

Danyon: Ok good im still a 2 days drive away but im coming to you

TSV: I'm not really sure if that is a good idea or not.

Danyon: why

TSV: What have you seen?

Danyon: lol dude you have no fucking idea

Later that day TSV texts Danyon a photo of a man standing still as a statue outside his house.

The monster.PNG


Danyon: and if you see any flashing lights, hide.

May 4th

Danyon begins his two day journey to meet up with TSV.

May 5th

About 3/4 into his journey, his car runs out of fuel. Danyon texts TSV.

Danyon: Soooo I have good news and bad news

TSV: Uh oh.

Danyon: Good news is Im closer to you now

Danyon: Bad news is im out of fuel

Danyon: there are no active gas stations anywhere close to me, all of the power is down, and all of the gas stations near by are electric gas pumps

TSV: Oh no.

TSV: How far away are you?

Danyon: Probs still 8 or 9 hours away

Danyon decides to shut down the car and lock the doors. TSV texts him again later.

TSV: How are you avoiding detection?

Danyon: im just staying in the car

Danyon: its locked and off right now

Danyon: after i catch a few winks im gonna try to take a look around

TSV: Alright. Stay safe.

Danyon: always bud. you too.

May 6th

Danyon texts TSV again.

Danyon: dont worry about me dude, i'll find a way to get to you eventually

Danyon: i walked around for a couple of hours and haven't seen anyone human or otherwise on the highway

Danyon: so im p sure ill be safe here while i figure out what to do

TSV: Do you have enough food and supplies?

Danyon: yeah i have enough even if im stranded here for a while

Danyon: don't worry about me. worry about yourself.

May 7th

Following an incident at TSV's house where a Strobe Monster looked into his house, TSV and Danyon are having a conversation about it.

Danyon: you didnt look directly into the red light right

TSV: Yes.

Danyon: you are absolutely sure

TSV: Yeah. I'm sure.

Danyon: what street did we both live on when we were kids

TSV: Why?

Danyon: answer the question.

TSV: Frazier road.

Danyon: ok we are good

TSV: Damn it, don't scare me like that.

Later that day Danyon is walking around and finds disturbing writing on the wall.

Beware of the headlights.PNG

Danyon: i was just looking around and found this

Danyon: no earthly idea what it means

May 8th to May 11th

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