Description[edit | edit source]

The strobes/headlights are the primary antagonists of The Sun Vanished ARG. They appear as a mobile source (presumably mechanical) of strobing light accompanied by sounds of clicking or throbbing, which, upon the discovery of a human, will begin strobing red light and begin emitting sounds of a lower frequency. Upon being alert of the presence of a human, they will attempt to brainwash the survivor, turning them into a zombified survivor. The only known method of doing this is to have them look into the emitted red light. This method of brainwashing and zombification is also shown to affect wildlife. The strobes/red lights are shown to be following different roles, either hunting or patrolling. They are described as having large cylinders protruding from their heads, and have the ability to produce unseen arms, possibly growing them out of their skin or shell.

Brainwashing[edit | edit source]

The sole method of brainwashing for the strobes is by having the victim look into the red light, but it is unknown if any other methods are being used. Upon being brainwashed, the victim is possibly connected to an alien hive mind, presumably overseeing the cause for the apocalypse.

Their method of brainwashing (at least in the white variant) "sees into you" according to TSV.

Possible counters[edit | edit source]

As of yet, no counter-strategies exist against the strobes, meaning the survivors can only run or hide from them. Ideas have been brought by the fanbase to capture a strobe, so that experiments may be run to determine a counter for them, via baiting using lights/noise. This idea is yet to be tested in canon. However, to avoid being brainwashed, survivors can either cover their eyes or not look into the red light, as this is their sole method of capture. ( It may have been confirmed that closing your eyes works, but they will turn aggressive if you do , as they can sense when you close your eyes but not when you cover your eyes.)

The closing your eyes is explained in the comments.

On October 25th, 2020, TSV Announced he Destroyed a Strobe Monster, meaning an official Counter had been discovered.

Other forms of attack[edit | edit source]

Another form of attack is known as the "blue lights", which, If it shines on someone, it completely dismembers them. These lights are thought to be emitted by the Strobes' ship, or by a higher ranking variant.

Theories[edit | edit source]

A theory exists that these strobers are non-organic drones, explaining how they are able to produce 2 forms of light and at high itensities and their method of travel. This is supported by Tucker's reference to "mechanical abominations."1 possible variant exists of the strobe as seen in a tweet by TSV on July 16. This possible variant, instead of constantly strobing, is seen flashing at random intervals. [1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to a screenshot posted on the Lost Sun News account, in Russia, they are called демонский свет, which translates to "demon lights".
  • they are also called "headlights".
  • Tucker experienced a beating from 2 strobes. He claims that they "Look human but move weirdly.
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