The journal is an item the protagonist found while searching through their neighbour's house after finding a note with instructions about how to deal with the strobe monsters.

Content[edit | edit source]

The following texts were taken from pictures posted in different tweets by TheSunVanished.

"I regret my decision to stay. It has gotten incredibly lonely, and I have come to terms with the fact that I may never see Martha or my grandkids again. I pray to God that they, at the very least, are safer than I am.

I have no caution or regard for my own life anymore. I can only hope that what I gather from my near-suicidal experiments can be useful to someone else at a later date. I either die and be at peace or I get more information. Both outcomes sound favorable."

"Experiment Notes

I placed several flashlights around the perimeter of the house, testing them at different intensities (the control being no light at all). I believe the entities are more attracted to the flashlights than myself (why?). I got back inside before any permanent damage was done."

"Experiment Notes

Blue lights appeared after day 6 in the dark (significance?). Light sources do not seem to attract their presence. Unlike the entities producing white/red flashing lights, the blue lights are higher in elevation and also seem to come from a different entity altogether. I believe the blue lights may also be more likely to more in unison, however there is no way to know for certain until they return. IF they return at all."

"Experiment Notes

It finally happened. I was being reckless and I looked into the light. The red light

I  F E E L  E M P T Y  I N S I D E

T H E  S U N  I S  B A C K"

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