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The Sun Vanished, also known as the Main Protagonist or TSV, is the owner of the TheSunVanished twitter account.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

TSV was friends with Danyon since he was a child. They both grew up on the same street and graduated from high school together.

After high school one of them moved away, making them drift apart.

The Apocalypse[edit | edit source]

April 30th

The sudden disappearance of the sun.PNG

TSV wakes up. He immediately notices something is wrong. The sun vanished.. He can hear tornado sirens in a neighboring county, but his weather radar is all clear. He turns on the news to find a disturbing report about the disappearance of the sun. A female news reporter assures the public that everything will be back to normal the next day, saying that this event is similar to an event back in 1780 called "New England's Dark Day". Later that day, TSV attempts to fall back to sleep, but he can't due to noises that sound like gunshots off in the distance.

May 1st

First sighting of strobe monster.PNG

TSV wakes up, expecting the sun to be shining. But it's not. It is still dark outside. The news isn't on anymore. There are also disturbing noises outside. Despite this, TSV is very tempted to go out, so he conducts a poll on his Twitter account where most of the voters suggest that he investigates what is happening outside, so he takes a flashlight and takes a walk in a forest. The walk is going fine. He is holding a recording device and a flashlight. He hears a noise and shortly after the flashlight turns off. For a few seconds, there is just darkness, but then a red flashing light appears in mid-air and starts making a clicking noise. TSV runs back to his house to hide. TSV also notices that he cannot see distant stars or planets in the night sky.

May 2nd

The next day, TSV (still shaken and unsettled from the short time he was outside) informs that he didn’t know what that flashing light was and that it was following him. He later realizes, though, that there is still no sign of daylight and that it is getting colder. Soon afterwards, TSV watches a person running by his street being chased by two of the same flashing lights he saw yesterday. By the time he got his phone out to record, they were already gone.

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