For the character of the same name, please see The Sun Vanished (person)

The Sun Vanished is a Twitter account run by our main protagonist, TSV. This page will be a list of all of the Tweets made by the account. Videos will not be included.

April 30th

TSV: Help.

TSV: It's late in the morning and still dark outside.

TSV: I can hear the tornado sirens in the next county over, but the weather radar is clear.

TSV: Where is the sun.

TSV then Tweets a disturbing news report detailing the disappearance of the sun.

TSV: The power keeps going out and I keep hearing noises outside. Sometimes far away, sometimes close.

TSV Tweets a video of the noises.

TSV: I can't sleep. I think the noises outside are gunshots.

May 1st

TSV: It is still dark. The news said it would be back to normal by now.

TSV: Now the news isn't even coming in.

TSV: TV signal is gone, the noises keep happening outside, and I can barely keep track of the time anymore. I am honest to god terrified.

TSV: I am so tempted to go outside. Should I? 77% yes, 23% no.

TSV: I went outside. I saw something out there I can't really explain, but I can show you.

TSV Tweets a video of him in the woods with a flashlight. When he heard an odd noise, he turned the flashlight off. A few seconds later, an orange light started shining on trees.

TSV: I looked for stars and planets as you all suggested, the sky was absolutely pitch black. Could be because of clouds, or something else.

TSV: Still shaken from the short time I was outside. I don't know what that flashing light was, but it was following me.

May 3rd

TSV: Day 3. Still no sign of daylight. It is getting colder.

TSV: A person just ran by on my street. Two of the same flashing lights were following him. They were gone by the time I got my phone out to record.

TSV: Sorry everyone. Reception went out yesterday. I was worried it wouldn't come back on.

TSV: No signs of activity outside. Come to think of it, it has been a while since I heard a gunshot.

TSV: Something just flew over my house.

TSV Tweets a video of an odd noise.

TSV: I couldn't see it, too dark outside, but a wave of heat just came over me. Feels like the temperature just increased by like 10 or 15 degrees.

TSV: Just compared the sound of this video to the sound of the helicopter footage I posted a few days ago. Whatever this was, it definitely not a helicopter.

TSV: Oh THANK GOD. One of my friends is still alive. He just texted me.

Danyon First Text.PNG

Danyon Second Text.PNG

TSV: Now we have another problem.

The man.PNG

TSV: This guy has been standing completely still with his back towards me. I have no idea how long he has been standing there.

TSV: He's still standing there. Hasn't moved.

Danyon Third Text.PNG

TSV: Whoever was standing outside is gone now.


TSV tweets a video of somebody repeatedly knocking on his door.

TSV: To those of you asking, I am doing alright. Hiding in my room and waiting this out.

May 4th

TSV: I haven't heard anymore knocking, but I don't want to go anywhere near the front door to check.

TSV: And don't worry, I have a way to defend myself if worst comes to worst.

TSV's bat.PNG

TSV: If anyone knows ANYTHING about what is going on, please message me. 911 and other emergency lines are not responding and the only radio I have is out in the car, so I'm trying to get as much information online as possible.

British Columbia dude.PNG

TSV: To be completely honest, I have no idea how to explain this.

It's sunny where I am.PNG

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