Description[edit | edit source]

These humanoids are former survivors of the apocalypse, who fell victim to the attacks of the headlights, becoming insane. Zombies are shown to go through a couple of phases until becoming fully hostile. The objective of these zombies is to assualt other survivors, scout out their location or sneak into their shelters to contaminate their water supply. Zombies will often stay dormant in one location for long periods of time until they begin roaming or they are disturbed, upon which they will violently assualt the disturber until the death of one of them. Zombification is also shown to affect wildlife.

Water contamination[edit | edit source]

The contaminated water, upon drinking, will affect the drinker with hallucinations, possibly even paranoia, resulting in distrust of their fellow survivors and giving them the urge to relocate from their current shelter, easing the capture/kill efforts of the headlights. Contaminated water can be identified by it's darker color.

According to Danyon's capturers, the contaminated water functions similar to mercury or lead poisoning, affecting both physically and neurologically very quickly.

Phases[edit | edit source]

Phase 1 - Zombie survivors, upon being attacked by a headlight, will begin showing signs of insanity, speaking unintelligibly and claiming the sun has reappeared.

Phase 2 - Zombie survivors will become fully dormant for an unknown period of time until disturbed by a survivor or they begin roaming.

Phase 3 - The final phase is activated when they are disturbed during or begin roaming after phase 2. During this phase, zombies will begin filling one of the objectives stated above, attacking and hunting survivors or contaminate their water supply.

Hive mind theory[edit | edit source]

There is evidence, as shown in a tweet by//twitcom/LostSunNews/status/1021929727035097https://twit/status/1021929727035 Nat, that these zombies are not insane, but instead, upon being attacked by a headlight, are connected to a hive mind, upon which they are controlled by said hive mind.

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